Thursday, 16 February 2012

Image In OpenERP Web Kit Report

This is the Blog Post About How to put a image in OpenERP Custom Module, 

It is Quite easy To Put a image in The PDF fire. You just Need a binary field in Your Model, 

i have taken the example of Company logo in OpenERP, Which is the base class in OpenERP. The Name of the model is 

I Think You Know About the MACO Template, and How To Customize it, if Don't no worries Please Comment it down,

<div id="exq">
        ${helper.embed_image("jpg",company.logo, width=100, height=100)}
        <img src="" alt="" >

In the module report_webkit There is a file report_helper, this file contain some methods like 
    • embed_image
    • get_logo_by_name
    • embed_logo_by_name
using This Method You can Put a image inYour webkit report .

For Any Query Please Comment.

Monday, 13 February 2012

OpenERP Webkit Report Installation Demo

This Video describe basic thing about webkit report in OpenERP. it includes installation of Webkit Report in OpenERP. It will help You to Installing the OpenERP Webkit report

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