Thursday, 16 February 2012

Image In OpenERP Web Kit Report

This is the Blog Post About How to put a image in OpenERP Custom Module, 

It is Quite easy To Put a image in The PDF fire. You just Need a binary field in Your Model, 

i have taken the example of Company logo in OpenERP, Which is the base class in OpenERP. The Name of the model is 

I Think You Know About the MACO Template, and How To Customize it, if Don't no worries Please Comment it down,

<div id="exq">
        ${helper.embed_image("jpg",company.logo, width=100, height=100)}
        <img src="" alt="" >

In the module report_webkit There is a file report_helper, this file contain some methods like 
    • embed_image
    • get_logo_by_name
    • embed_logo_by_name
using This Method You can Put a image inYour webkit report .

For Any Query Please Comment.

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